Webdings And Wingdings Chart?

If you’ve been struggling to choose Webdings and Wingdings symbols, or been hunting for a Wingdings list, character map or symbols chart that works in Firefox – here’s an easier way!

This is going to be one of those posts where most people say “d’uh, everyone knows that” – and the rest of us slap our forehead and exclaim “so that’s how you do it”!

How To Use Wingdings and Webdings

If you’re running Windows look no further than the Character Map application. Don’t go off Googling it to download though, it’s already part of Windows (yep, it’s still in Windows 10 too).

[Mac users look for Character Palette which is in both Finder and Fontbook – anyone know how you do this in Linux?]

To find Character Map, just type ‘character’ in your Start/Search box (or Start – Run) and it will appear. You can always right click on the program name and Send To/Desktop to create a shortcut if you think you’ll forget what it’s called in future.

Here’s what Character Map looks like under Windows Vista and Windows 7:-

So if you want a Wingdings tick or a Webdings heart, simply:-

  1. Pick your Webdings or Wingdings font from the dropdown menu at the top – and instantly get your Webdings or Wingdings chart.
  2. Look through the list for the character you want (they are a bit small, but if you click them once you get an enlarged version)
  3. Double-click the one you want
  4. Note the character appears in the copy box at the bottom
  5. Now switch to the application you want to use the character in, and paste

The Character Map application can also useful for quickly browsing fonts to see which you want to use (some applications are far slower at this), or for finding other unusual (extended) characters.

So, was Character Map an exciting new (pain relieving) discovery for you..? Come on, be honest?

7 thoughts on “Webdings And Wingdings Chart?”

  1. You’re kidding! I can’t believe I never knew about this. I’ve been struggling to look up these little font characters for years. Character Map is by no means brilliant but it’s 10 times better than the way I’ve been doing it.

    So thank you! I don’t mind who knows about my “d’uh” moments…

  2. I dont know what the character names are, when it says “U+005B: Left Sqare Bracket” it actually says “Character Code : 0x5B”

  3. O-M-G (I never knew I could search character map) this is like UNBELIEVABLE. SIMPLE – Loves & Kisses

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