Easy ‘Rich Snippet’ Breadcrumbs

breadcrumbsSometimes you just have to create those Rich Snippet breadcrumbs in HTML manually. And it’s a total pain to do. Especially if you’re not even sure where to start editing to create the next one.

So now you can use our nice and easy Breadcrumb Builder Tool.

It caters for both Microformat and RDFa output (stick to the default of Microformat if you’re not sure what either of those mean). It also copes with ‘multiple trails’, i.e. pages that have more than one heirarchy to reach them, e.g. Books > Authors > C.S.Lewis, and Books > Children > Classics. Continue reading “Easy ‘Rich Snippet’ Breadcrumbs”

Webdings And Wingdings Chart?

If you’ve been struggling to choose Webdings and Wingdings symbols, or been hunting for a Wingdings list, character map or symbols chart that works in Firefox – here’s an easier way!

This is going to be one of those posts where most people say “d’uh, everyone knows that” – and the rest of us slap our forehead and exclaim “so that’s how you do it”!

How To Use Wingdings and Webdings

If you’re running Windows look no further than the Character Map application. Don’t go off Googling it to download though, it’s already part of Windows (yep, it’s still in Windows 10 too). Continue reading “Webdings And Wingdings Chart?”