How To Get A ClickBank Refund

You automatically get a 60 day money-back guarantee with Clickbank – so here’sΒ how to get that refund.

cbrefundsOK, first things first. Clickbank is a reputable, ethical provider of digital products – that’s software and ebooks to you and me. They don’t produce any products, they just act as the payment gateway and product delivery system for people who want to sell those products.

Now people can’t just sell any old rubbish through Clickbank, products do have to be approved.

But sometimes there are products that don’t live up to the marketing hype for example. Or maybe the vendor isn’t being quite so forthcoming about that ‘no questions asked money-back guarantee’. Or maybe you just accidentally ordered twice thinking it hadn’t worked first time.

So because they are an ethical company, it is standard Clickbank terms and conditions that all products come with a 60 day money back guarantee. No matter what the vendor may say.

The seller can offer a longer guarantee if they like, but if it comes to a refund and it’s inside 60 days they cannot say no or simply ignore you!

But the trick is in knowing how to request a Clickbank refund.

IMPORTANT: Don’t try to abuse this. You can’t request refunds just because you’ve finished reading things, and fancy some freebies. (Or you may find you can’t order again with Clickbank in the future…)

Making A Clickbank Refund Request:

It’s not quite as simple as it could be, so here’s the step by step instructions:

1. Go to the Clickbank refund page here:-
[opens in new window]

2. Enter your Order Number (this will be in the email you received when you ordered), and the Email address you used when ordering, then hit the Submit button.

3. You should now see details of your order. Click the Get Support link at the top left.

clickbank refund support

4. Now you’ll be asked ‘What problem are you having?’. Select ‘More options…‘ from the dropdown list.

5. The ‘Refund Button’ will now appear. So just check the button, select your Reason, add any relevant extra comments and that’s it:

clickbank refunds form

So What Happens Next

You won’t instantly be refunded. You need to allow 2 business days, as Clickbank creates a refund ticket and the seller is asked to respond to it.

The seller may simply agree to the refund, or they may present a reason why a refund should not be given.

But ultimately it’s still up to Clickbank – the seller can’t just say no! And if they don’t respond at all, the refund will be made anyway.

28 thoughts on “How To Get A ClickBank Refund”

  1. Can you point me to were I can find out about a purchace by me from ZERO to HERO -They refunded my purchase but I still do not see the refund on my bank statement. The ref number = #129835 I can mail the full request and their reply but they just point me to Click Bank – this has been going on since August 22 2014. They did supply a number 1-800-390-6035 but I do not know in what country it is and I am in Paarl near Cape Town in South Africa. Thanks M Horne

    1. The phone number you have is for Clickbank, who are based in the USA.

      I recommend you follow the steps outlined in the post above to request the refund directly with Clickbank. But make sure you do this quickly as you only have 60 days from purchase.

  2. I have paid an amount twice by mistake an amount of $56.99aud to trim down club. I do not have the original email and the only trace of information I have is from Paypal invoice numbers fp****4r and 8****3be. I would like a refund of one amount if possible. I hope you can help me in this matter as I am a pensioner and can not afford to lose this money. Thank you.

    1. Hi Elizabeth

      You just need to follow the instructions in the blog post above – the Paypal invoice number is the Clickbank order number. So with that and the email address you ordered with (or the Paypal Transaction ID) you can request the refund. (There is also a ‘live chat’ button on that page linked to above if you get stuck)

  3. Hello, I have a similar problem. Clickbank refunded my money, but I still cannot see it on my bank statement. That was a week ago. I have direct Clicbank confirmation that the money was refunded.
    Thank you for yor answer.

    1. They would refund to whatever card you used for the initial payment, so first thing is to make sure you are checking the right account.

      If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to contact Clickbank again to find out why the payment hasn’t come through.

    1. Follow the steps I gave you in the blog post Donald. Nowhere does it say post a comment to get a refund – we’re not Clickbank so we can’t give you a refund.

  4. I followed your instructions but no support button appears on the page? Just my invoice? Do you have to do this within their open hours?

  5. Hello,I joined Trim Down a couple of months ago, 7 days after I asked to be refunded as it was too difficult to understand and I was unable to participate. However, after 2 months I still have not received my refund. I was not sent a confirmation email at all after the money was taken out or even after I had joined. I have sent them email after email and still nothing. Would you please advise on how I would be able to get a refund from them?

    Kind Regards.

    1. Clickbank always send out an email receipt for every transaction, and the company involved would have sent some emails too. So it sounds like you’ve missed those emails – they probably got misidentified as spam by Yahoo mail (it’s important to check your spam folder occasionally and mark anything incorrectly identified as not spam, or add them to your approved senders/address book).

      That said, as I mentioned above, the payment processor (i.e. Clickbank) give a 60 day moneyback guarantee. But as you are now beyond that time period you cannot apply to them directly any longer for an automatic refund. You may have more luck if you persist with the people who sold the product you bought, particularly if they can track your previous refund request – just make sure you are receiving their emails in case they are replying and you’re simply not seeing them πŸ™‚

  6. I got a refund confirmation on 21/4/2015 but why isn’t the money in my bank account? That means I need to wait again even though I got this confirmation letter? Please answer me.

    1. If the confirmation was from Clickbank, then yes, just allow time for the payment to reach your account. How long it takes depends on how you paid (they refund back to the card/account you paid from) and what part of the world you are in. Give it a couple more days.

  7. I paid the money from my debit card from Thailand. I am just worried because some people on other websites told me that they got their refund within two days. Hope to get a refund soon. I haven’t received one so far.

  8. order#2qf##e3f $52.05 tech support310##2497 Please give me a refund. I did not get the item and I was ill for a long time.

    1. Aaron, seriously, just follow the simple instructions above dude! We’re not Clickbank so we can’t give you a refund…

  9. I realize I had a mistake on buying a scammy product yesterday. So I looked up on the web some good solutions. Thanks to your article I could make a Clickbank Refund Request just now. I hope it works for all.

  10. I brought a program from takesurveys. I would like to have my money back I paid by credit card. I want my money back please. Esther

    1. Just follow the refund process Esther. Much as I’d like to I can’t do anything as takesurveys is nothing to do with us.

  11. The refund options are not the same as you have written… they have changed.

    The site just keeps taking you round in circles.

    1. The site layout will change from time to time as will the process – but it typically stays broadly the same. They are not trying to make it difficult – they do want to issue refunds where people are entitled πŸ™‚

  12. I can’t believe people are so daft to ask for a refund on this site. It’s not hard to figure out why they weren’t successful with their Clickbank purchase… Lol.

  13. I made a purchase from an Internet company in December 2015 once off. I payed through click bank. Please refund me… My account nr is CLKBANK*****7QLB… THIS IS FRAUD!!!

    1. 1. If you made a purchase, how can it be fraud??
      2. Why would we be able to refund you – we’re not Clickbank or the people you bought the product from..!

      Contact the company you bought from. If they don’t reply in a reasonable time, then contact the payment processor i.e. ClickBank.

    1. Read the post Jean… you won’t get your refund by posting random comments on the wrong website πŸ™‚

  14. So if I purchased a ClickBank product and the vendor says money back guarantee after trying it out for a year, does the 60 day refund rule still apply? Also does it matter if it’s purchased straight from the vendor but it is also a ClickBank product?

    1. If you didn’t buy via Clickbank then the 60 day guarantee is not relevant. That would be like buying a book on Amazon then trying to return it at your local bookshop πŸ™‚

      But if the vendor gave you a 1 year guarantee then you can pursue a refund directly with them, subject to whatever the terms of that guarantee were. If they fail to honour their guarantee (and you meet the terms of it) then you can potentially pursue a refund via your payment provider (e.g. credit card company, if you paid that way).

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