How To Remove Google Fonts From The Twenty Sixteen WordPress Theme

remove Google Fonts from Twenty Sixteen

Short and sweet – you don’t want your custom Twenty Sixteen theme using bloated old Google Fonts?

Simply add this function to the functions.php of your child theme.

function twentysixteen_fonts_url() {
$fonts_url = '';
return $fonts_url;

Don’t wrap it in an if ( !Read More

List Of Clickbank Alternatives For Vendors (2016)

just say a polite goodbye to clickbank and move onHave you had ‘that’ email from Clickbank? Things have changed, and despite years of happy selling your product is no longer welcome..?

It sucks. But it’s not the end of the world. There are good alternatives available for vendors which should have you back up and running in no time.… Read More

Easy ‘Rich Snippet’ Breadcrumbs

breadcrumbsSometimes you just have to create those Rich Snippet breadcrumbs in HTML manually. And it’s a total pain to do. Especially if you’re not even sure where to start editing to create the next one.

So now you can use our nice and easy Breadcrumb Builder Tool.… Read More

What Is The Best Time To Post To A Facebook Page?

when to post to FBIf you care about how many people see, and engage with your Facebook posts – then you need to know when to post to that particular page.

Don’t trust blanket rules of ‘most readers are online and responsive between 10am – 11am’.… Read More

Achieving The Perfect Work Life Balance…


Sometimes Dilbert sums up the world so succinctly there’s little else to be said.… Read More

Images Now Appear By Default In Gmail Emails

Starting today Gmail emails will now show images by default.

This applies to all emails — not just trusted senders, particular mailboxes or those for whom you’ve already clicked ‘Always display images from’.

So inboxes are about to become a whole lot more colourful.… Read More

YARPP: How To Exclude Posts Or Categories

YARPPThe related posts plugin ‘YARPP’ from Mitcho is a fine piece of work, and worth supporting.

But as with many WordPress plugins, sooner or later you come across something you need to do with it that the author hasn’t considered yet, or had time to add, or been nagged enough to provide 😉

And so we found ourselves on a project wanting to exclude certain posts from displaying any related posts.… Read More

“This version of the kindle reader has expired…” & How To Fix It!

kindle reader for pcIf you occasionally use one of the Kindle reading Apps (e.g. to read Kindle books on your PC) you may have been welcomed by the friendly message saying:-

“This version of the kindle reader has expired and cannot be used.”

And your only option is to ‘OK’ the error and get dumped out of the reader application.… Read More

Your Apache htaccess ‘Order Deny, Allow’ Not Working?

It’s very easy to make mistakes with the htaccess Order directive, so if it’s not working here’s some tips to fix it (for Apache web servers).

If we get the ‘Deny, Allow’ bit the wrong way round it won’t do what we expect – at best it will do nothing, at worst it denies everybody access to our site.… Read More

Convert Your Blog RSS Feed to an Email Newsletter

Let’s face it, RSS feeds are not read by ‘normal’ people.

Real, non-techie people haven’t a clue what RSS is, or how to use Google Reader.

That’s OK if your blog is about geek or tech subjects. But if you’re trying to get regular readers for a site about cross stitch, don’t expect RSS readers to hit even the double figures if all you have is a feed button on your blog.… Read More